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Summit Lawns Professional Weekly Lawn Mowing Service

Let’s talk about our weekly mowing service here at Summit because it’s a little different than how other companies might do it. From the moment you sign up, you are assigned two things a crew and a day of the week. What that means is you will have the same crew mowing your lawn every single time. This is crucial for us because they’ll get to know every inch of your lawn, how to clean it up, and what tools to use so your lawn is always looking its best and, since we come on the same day every week, you’ll never be surprised when we show up. It won’t change except for rain or holidays. By the way, our service does include concrete edging. Most companies charge for this, but if it’s a Summit lawn, we want it looking as good and clean as possible. When we’re done, we always blow the grass clippings off every sidewalk, driveway and patio and lock up any gates behind us. For your first time mow, we bill hourly and clean up your entire yard in preparation for normal services and that’s pretty much it! We don’t do contracts, so you can cancel anytime and after November 1st all the mowing is done for the year, your service automatically rolls into fall cleanups, where we take care of your fallen leaves and cut back your landscape for the Winter. If you haven’t already, you can get your free estimate by calling us or filling out a form.

Benefits Of A Professional Lawn Mowing Service

Curb Appeal

At Summit Lawns, we practice several lawn mowing techniques throughout the year that affect the long-term beauty of your lawn.

Done Right

Using the right sized mower for the right sized lawn, rotating the mowing direction, and adjusting the cutting height during the heat of the season are just a few of these lawn care techniques.

Saves Time

Spend more time comfortably inside. Stay on the Couch.

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What Your Neighbors Think


Everyone I've come in contact with at Summit has been friendly, professional, and helpful. Their communication & notification process let's me know when they'll be coming by, what they'll be doing and what I need to do to prepare. When a crew came by to mulch my gardens, I was introduced to each member! 🙂 I really appreciate their friendly & respectful service. I've recommended Summit to friends.

Terri N.


I have been a Summit Lawns customer for several years. Crews are responsive, friendly and extremely capable. Owner is big on customer service and quality of work. Can't say enough nice things about this company and their people!

Sue Bowden


Summit Lawns is a great company to have come and do your lawn care needs. ... They are great at what they do and so kind. I am so glad I reached out to them for my lawn care needs and yearly lawn services!!

Lindsey Licht


Summit Lawns has saved me time and money, freeing me up to do other things. I no longer have to worry about seasonal feeding and treatments of my grass and soil. Summit Lawns takes care of it all for me. The lawn looks great and I feel better about having my family play on the grass that has been treated for all sorts of bugs etc.

Richard Garner

Our Personal 100% Iron-Clad, Money Back, Risk Free Guarantee to You!

Here’s the deal: We don’t do contracts. We earn your business on every visit. We want you to be totally thrilled with our service. So absolutely delighted that you will recommend us to your friends and neighbors. Frankly, we want to take care of your lawn forever. You are the judge, if our work is not excellent we will re-do the item in question for FREE. If you are still not happy, you will not owe us a single penny for that service.

Crazy, right? We thought so. In fact, if we were not the company we claim to be, that guarantee would probably cost us a small fortune. So we’re proud of that.

~ Ted Glaser | Summit Lawns Lincoln

Weekly Grazing - Our Mowing Service

Weekly Grazing (our lawn mowing and trimming service) runs for approximately 30 weeks each year, April 1st – October 31st. Our crews will come to your home every 7 days during that period to mow the lawn, trim along all concrete edges, landscape beds, trees, and building structures. When that’s done, we blow all the debris off any unclean surfaces. We bag the grass clippings when necessary, but mulch them as often as we can as it is healthier both for the lawn and our environment and landfills. Twigs, branches, and general trash debris are removed from the lawn during these visits too. We make lawn care in Lincoln easy!

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