Why is my grass brown - Storm sewers

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What's up guys, Ted with Summit Lawns here and I got an answer to a super common question that we get. Have you ever noticed whether it's in your own lawn or when you're driving around town, there are weird brown patches in the parkway, that area between the street and the sidewalk right over the storm sewer drains. And what's going on is it's actually it's not a lawn disease. It's not a fungus. It's not grubs, it's nothing like that. It's actually hot air that's going into this door storm sewer systems and it's rising up, and it is baking your lawn from underneath, while the sun is also baking it from the top. So these poor sections of grass, it's just these perfect little rectangles are just getting right. So the way to alleviate that is just to water more in these particular areas just to keep that soil cool and damp. It's just dormant right now. And then once the weather cools down and things get a little bit better, it'll bounce right back again. That's all you got to do.

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