Why is my grass brown - Pine Trees

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What's up guys, Ted of summit lawns here, and we're talking about brown grass here in the summertime, because if your grass is not green at the brown, there's a lot of reasons why it could be brown. And here's one for you today. So if you look behind me, you got this big tall evergreen tree. These evergreen trees can have an impact on your lawn. Right here, you can actually see there follows a kind of a perimeter around the umbrella of the tree where it's brown, it's not a coincidence, what's going on is this pine tree is dropping needles down to the grass. And those needles are working their way into the soil. And it makes the soil really acidic. And the lawn just can't handle it. It's the wrong pH balance is the wrong chemistry for it and the lawn just starts to suffer. Now I got all these shadows behind me. So hopefully I can get a view that you can see this better. You'll notice you get further away from the tree and the grass is better. Now we also got a little bit of lawn disease going on over here. That's that patchiness but underneath here, this is caused by the tree. So what do you do about this? You can fight nature, you can do things to try and help that grass grow there. I think what we're going to do here is we're going to extend this landscape that out, nature is telling us It doesn't want the grass to be there where all these pine needles are dropping. So instead, we're just going to extend this landscape bed out, covered up with more that can be done with it. Stop fighting nature, and that's what we're going to do. So hope that helps. If you see something like that yourself. Give it a shot.

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