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Alright guys, it's time to talk about lawn disease and lawn fungus. So I'm up here and Bicentennial states in the year like 2017 superior area, and this is a yard that has all the symptoms along disease or lawn fungus. Now here's the thing. There are things that we can do that cause lawn diseases, one of those would be watering at the wrong time of day and you give your lawn the equivalent of like athlete's foot, it's damp, it's muggy, it's humid, it's moist, and it never dries out. That's what can happen. But sometimes a lawn disease is like a cold in the summertime, you didn't do anything to cause it, you just got it. It just happens. That happens sometimes too. So in any case, this weird irregular passionist color you can notice this brown in the lawn if you look back here, it's actually pretty healthy and green underneath that tree. But in these areas, it's this weird, patchy yellow in color. This is what lawn disease looks like if you notice you have this in your yard reach out to us because we want to fix it before it gets worse. It's not a guarantee that lawn disease will actually kill the grass but it certainly can if it gets out of control and now you're talking about having to resolve the lawn or something like that really expensive. So if you notice something like this reach out to us we want to fix it we want to help before becomes a bigger problem.

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