White Powdery Mildew

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Hey, what's up guys, Ted here with Summit, and I've got your lawncare Tip of the Week. So a common question that we get this time of year is people call in and they say, Hey, I'm noticing like this weird kind of white thing going on the grass, kind of powdery almost like mildew. Well, guess what that is called by its name white powdery mildew. And here's the thing with white powdery mildew. If you see this in your lawn, most of the time, the vast majority of the time, it's not a huge deal, it's probably going to repair itself and be okay on its own. This occurs in low-lying areas of the ground where it doesn't dry out as well. Usually, when it's cool and damp, things like that, where the wind doesn't quite hit it, or the sun doesn't dry it out. Now, most of the time it will repair itself on its own. If you have a really bad case of it, you might want to give us a call then we can talk about doing a fungicide program to get rid of it because, in due time, it can get worse, but most of the time it will not. Now the lawn diseases that we really see a lot of are going to be more of a brown, splashy, patchy Look, that's going to be more relevant as the humidity sets in probably later in June. Maybe late May, it really depends on what the weather does. So those are what you want to look out for actual lawn diseases that we're gonna see a lot of white powdery mildew most of the time, probably not going to be a big deal. You probably won't have to do anything. So I hope that helps.

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