Sharp blades prevent lawn disease

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Hey guys, Ted here at Summit Lawns and we have a video out right now talking about the importance of sharpening your mower blades because of the yellow hue that it can put on your lawn, because you're basically giving your lawn split ends like on your hair. Same thing happens to your grass, and it can have an impact on the color. But that's also really important and dangerous if you get really bad split ends on your lawn, because it makes your grass more susceptible to disease. Imagine if you cut your arm, if it's a clean slice, it's gonna heal pretty well. But if you have like a mangled cut on your arm, it's more likely to not heal as well. It might get infected more easily things like that. I know I'm making some weird comparisons here. But the same thing happens to your grass if when you mow you don't have a nice clean cut from a sharp mower blade. You are actually making your lawn more susceptible to diseases later in the year particularly when it gets really hot and really humid. And that's where a lot of our lung diseases come from kind of like athlete's foot for your lawn. So make sure you keep a sharp mower blade because you can protect your lawn from getting diseases in that way by keeping a sharp blade

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