Sharp blades are good for mulching

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What's up guys it is Ted of Summit Lawns and this is apparently sharpen your Mower blade week because that's what the videos are about. So another reason why you want to sharpen your mower blade is because it is awesome for your lawn to mulch those grass clippings, you do not need to bag them. You don't unless the grass is too long, you don't want to leave clumps. But if your blade is sharp, it'll grind up those clippings really well and it'll leave the lawn looking really great. And all those grass clippings will biodegrade and go back into the soil and become like an its own natural fertilizer. But if your blades are not sharp, it's not going to grind up the grass clippings. It's going to keep them watered up on top. They're not going to mulch up very nice and it actually makes the lawn not quite look as good. So that's another reason why you want to make sure you get your mower blade sharpened

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