Properly Add Mulch to a Lincoln Yard

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Hey guys, Ted of Summit Lawns here and I wanted to show you how to do mulching. Once we're into the spring here and the plants are already starting to come up. And how to really do this right. So I'm up in Fallbrook right now, at a home our crews just did this morning, I'm going to show you around the house and show you some tips and tricks. Some of the things that we did to work around plants after they've already come up to still get that awesome mulching look.

So let's go around the house here. So one thing you don't want to do when you're mulching is burying too much of the plant material that's already there. So when you have some ground cover little plants, things like this, you want to go kind of light and disperse gently. You can go kind of light over things like this and then you can go thicker in between because your big plants are going to pop up either way. So that's what the crew did over here. We came through a few weeks ago and we got the bushes trimmed up for the spring. This is Barbary right here. The plants were cut back last fall and this spring. So now you can see the daffodils are popping daily. The next thing they did is Then open areas kind of like this. They went about two to three inches deep. You can see in my hands here that's about up to my knuckles.

And that's about as deep as you want to go for mold. You really don't want to go any deeper than that. If you go too deep, the mulch will not be able to biodegrade as the year goes on, and it can end up rotting out some of your plants that can also harbor pests and cause problems like that. So it's really important that you do about two inches is really about the perfect amount of mulch that you want each year and that way you can get that fresh splash and pop up a color in the spring. Back over here you can see as they came through the mulch this bed they just work their way around the plants. We didn't bury anything, but you don't want to do so you just want to bring in the mulch and pack it up as close as you can without burying too much in between. You can see even in these peonies here. They sprinkled a generally in between but everything is just fine undisturbed and everything looks awesome. This house is looking fantastic and ready to go for spring here. Have it those are just a couple of quick tips on how to do more the correct way, especially as we get into the springtime here and the plants are starting to come up. If that sounds like something you really don't want to do, but you want the look of it, that's what we're here for. So give us a call here at Summit that's 402-413-6622. You can also go to our website is just summit launch calm, or you can message us here on Facebook. We are here to help. It's really easy to get an estimate, just let us know if that's something you're interested in. Thanks.

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