Lincoln Drought Killing Lawns

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Hey guys, Ted again with Summit Lawns and we need to talk about watering. We have just been in the midst of the worst drought that we've had all year long and lawns are struggling out there. Everything is starting to brownout. Now I haven't a backyard or these people have been doing a fantastic job of watering their lawn. But we have been seen a lot of struggle with this, especially in the last three weeks, it's getting pretty crackly and dry out there.

So here's what you need to do, your lawn needs about one and a half inches of water per week. And we when we give water and advice you need to water infrequently, but deep and that means don't water every day. But when you do water for longer so that water can soak deep down into the ground. So what you want to do is to get an inch and a half of water per week, go about three times per week. And when you go for about a half an inch per each watering. Most of the time if you have an underground sprinkler system that's going to be anywhere between 15 and 20 minutes per zone and you might need to adjust that according to the type of course sprinkler has you have and how your lawn is shaped. If you do not have an underground sprinkler system, you need to get the hoses out now and you need to get the sprinklers out if you haven't already.

Honestly, it's, I should have done a video on this a long time ago. If you if you're pulling the hoses out, you probably need to triple that time. You need your sprinklers to be running potentially an hour to an hour and a half per section of the lawn to get that same amount of water. So really, guys, if you need your lawn to recover a lot of browning that we're seeing right now it's just drought stress, your lawns not dying, it's dormant. But to get it back and get it green again, especially as we come into the fall. You got to be watering. So I hope that helps. Thanks

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