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Hey guys, Ted summit lawns here, and today we’re going to talk about trimming junipers. junipers are these evergreen-style plants right here we have them all over Lincoln, and they are great looking plants when they’re trimmed correctly, they get kind of ugly and I’m really if they’re not, so we’re going to tell you how to do it for yourself. This one has been trimmed probably about a year ago. We’re going to trim it again today and then moving forward. We’re gonna keep this maintained. I’ll show you what a perfectly manicured Juniper looks like. So we got Andrew here, he’s got the pole saw. He’s gonna show us how it’s done.

So the cool thing about junipers is that they’re very hardy, as long as they’re not getting killed by bad worms and they are greenway down deep into them. You know the importance of that is if you A bush that’s way out like this one right here. I think when we trimmed it, it was about out to where it is there’s my hand, there are about out to where the shadow is out here. So we cut in pretty hard. Sometimes you can cut in really hard and it’ll be really smooth. Other times it might leave little gaps, like this gap right here. And you can see little gaps in here. The great thing about junipers is that they fill in, so in a year from now, all these little thin areas are going to fill back in. So when we trim this again, it’s just going to be a perfectly smooth green or, and that’s the goal when you trim these junipers. Now sometimes you want to have a natural look where you have branches going everywhere. In this particular case, this is the look that we wanted. We wanted to be smooth junipers are awesome because you can really turn them into whatever shape you want them to be. So the big thing here is once you get the bulk of the trimmings cut off, you want to go back through again and then smooth everything back out.

After that, you’re left with a bunch of debris. And it’s time for the most important part. And that’s the cleanup. It’s really important. Ethan’s gonna show us here a couple of ways to do this, that you were cleaning out the top of the brush. And we’re getting all the old debris out of there because as you can see, like, in fact, perfect example. Here’s one that’s probably a year old, and those dead trees, they’re still gonna be in there. So we want to get all the nutrients out of here so that you don’t have a bunch of dead pieces that start browning out the plant in a couple of weeks here. It’s very important when you trim junipers that you rake out the trim. Take your debris is not in the tree, and then finish it up off the ground. Get it out. That’s how you trim a Juniper Bush.

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