How tall should you cut your lawn?

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[embedyt][/embedyt]Hey guys, this is Ted with summit lawns and I wanted to tell you something that one of our customers is doing right now that you really need to be doing too. This is one of our fertilizer homes, this house right here, and this is a neighboring lawn, and if you look at the lawn, you can see a very distinct difference in the health and the color of the grass. And number one, they're on our fertilizer program. That's what's causing this but number two, what they're doing is they're mowing their grass taller this lawn over here is being cut way too short. This right here this needs to be cut. It actually needs to be mowed right now. So it does need to be mowed but when they do mow it is going to be mowed between three and three and a half inches and that is exactly where you want your lawn to be to get that really thick, green lush carpet, in your front yard and in your backyard. So motel and prosper.Summit Lawns Mowing ServiceOr check out our friend’s lawn care blog