A dull blade can give your lawn a yellow hue

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Hey, what's up guys, Ted with Summit Lawns here and I have a summertime and mowing tip for you. So we say all the time, sharpen your blades, sharpen your blade, sharpen your blades. And the reason for that is because when your blades are not sharp, your mower can actually give your lawn the equivalent of split ends like on your hair where it gets all frizzy and straggling at the end. The same thing happens to your grass and actually gives your grass like a yellow hue across the whole thing. Imagine going to a field and trying to cut your lawn with a baseball bat. You're not gonna get a clean slice on anything, you're just gonna bend it over and break it and spray it. Well, the same thing happens to your grass. So if you're trying to keep up with the Joneses, you can't figure out why your next-door neighbor's lawn is so much greener than yours. Yours just has this faint yellow hue. This is one reason why that could be so make sure if you haven't sharpened your blades yet this year, go get it done. It'll definitely help

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