10 Year Anniversary Post

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Celebrate 10 Years With Us

We have some big news for 2023 at Summit Lawns!

2023 is a special year here at Summit. It’s our 10 Year Anniversary! That marks a milestone that only 30% of businesses ever reach: surviving for 10 years. It’s true, 70% of businesses never make it to the 10 year mark!

10 years ago, I never imagined what this business would mean. I didn’t know what it would mean to me, what it would mean to the team that exists here today, or what it would mean to the Lincoln community. I was just a kid coming out of Union College, living in my mom’s basement and operating a tiny mowing business out of my dad’s garage. I didn’t know what I was doing, I didn’t know where I was going, and I certainly didn’t know what I wanted to do with my life. That’s a hard question to answer, really. Most people don’t truly know what they want. But I was thrilled and on fire to go build something. I unknowingly embarked on a life changing journey of incredibly long hours, tears, betrayal, embezzlement, doubt in myself, doubt in the economy, and teetering on the edge of financial collapse TWICE. Yet while it was hard, I could still see the good that was happening all around me. I found amazing support, incredible friendships, perseverance, grit, pride, and gratitude. Gratitude. I’m incredibly grateful for the team we’re building at Summit Lawns. And I’m incredibly grateful for you! You stood by us as we figured it out, and continue to figure it out. Without you, we wouldn’t have our purpose to take us to 2030: Impact.

Our vision by 2030 is to be the most impactful lawn care company in the history of Nebraska. We’re going to IMPACT the entire industry here as a thought leader and a new generation that does it differently, better, and faster than it’s ever been done before. We’re going to IMPACT our community by using our skills to make a beautiful world for the people who live here, and volunteering these skills to neighbors experiencing hardship.

Through surviving the majesties of trial and the tortures of error this past decade, we’ve found success. We’re still figuring it out, and our best to give is yet to come. The success we’ve found so far comes with a moral obligation of stewardship — both to our company and our community. Whether someone is unexpectedly widowed, or a community green space could use some love, we want to give back. This new purpose and mindset of stewardship brings change. There are some big changes coming to Summit!

The first change is to fulfill our purpose, to impact our community. There are two volunteer initiatives we’re rolling out this year.

1. Random Acts of Cleanup: Rescuing and cleaning up overgrown properties that have become too much for someone to handle, at no cost.

2. Snow Angels: Providing free snow removal all winter long to households in need. You’ll hear more on these initiatives this year as we seek households to assist. More to come soon!

The second change is to fulfill our other purpose, to impact our industry. We’re raising the bar on what you should expect from a lawn care company, compared to what you may have experienced in the past. We’re kicking off 2023 with a massive overhaul and rebrand of Summit Lawns. All new logo and colors to celebrate 10 years. This fresh new look will launch us into the future. Our appearance will be vastly different than any lawn care company in the state of Nebraska, yet we’re the same company grown right out of College View here in Lincoln. You will see a new look to our vehicles, envelopes, yard signs, emails, and more. But it’s still us! So don’t be surprised :).

Gratitude and excitement are high at Summit right now. We are stoked and excited about this year. We’re grateful for each other. And we’re grateful for you. We look forward to an amazing 2023 with you!


Ted Glaser


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