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Yellow Nutsedge

Aug 13, 2020


Alright, guys, it’s trivia time. There is a weed that is super common this time of year that we get a lot of questions about. It’s bright, it’s lime green. It grows like three inches a day you mow your lawn and the very next day, it’s already popping up taller. It looks like the grass, but it’s not. What is this?

That is called yellow nutsedge yellow nutsedge is a weed that’s really pesky. It grows in areas of the soil that have a lot of water content.It grows way faster than the rest of the grass, it looks obnoxious. That is a weed that you need to use a product called Sol Fincher zone to kill it goes under just mess it goes under such hammer, there’s a lot of different products that can kill this weed. Sweet is super annoying. you spray it, it can come back again. But that’s what that is.

Here’s what you do not want to do. Do not pull that weed out of the grass. The way that this weed works. It has a little nut at the bottom of the seed and when you pull it out, it actually breaks it open and then it spreads even more. It makes it worse.
So what you don’t want to do if you see this tall lime green bright grass that grows way faster than everything else, do not pull that out of the ground you need to spray it or you just gonna make it spread and get worse. So hope that helps.


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