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PROFESSIONAL AND EFFICIENT – I never thought much about what lawn guys wore, but the professional attire that the Summit Lawn has the employees wear certainly takes the icky/creepy factor out of who is working in the yard! Plus they are efficient and do a great job!

Sarah M.

GO TO FOR GREAT LAWN CARE – Summit Lawns is your go-to source for great lawn care. Whether it’s mowing, weed control, insect control or clean up after a storm, Ted and his crew are the best. Commercial or residential, you can’t go wrong with Summit Lawns! Jodi F.

Jodi F.

GRASS IS LOOKING BETTER THAN EVER – I just wanted to express how great of an experience we’ve had having Summit Lawns take care of our home for the past few years. The grass is looking better than ever and anyone we’ve ever had contact with has gone out of their way to make sure we are happy. Definitely recommend! Jacob T.

Jacob T.

IMPRESSED WITH CLEAN UP – Summit Lawn Care is by far the best lawn care service in town! They took care of my lawn like it was their own. Professional service with a smile. They were always on time, never missed a week and I was very happy with my good looking yard all season long. I was equally impressed with the clean up after mowing each week, they took the time to blow all the cut grass off the sidewalks, driveway, and porch. It is these little touches that put them above the rest.

Mary P.

FIELD OF DANDELIONS ARE GONE! – Thank you to Summit Lawns for a green backyard!!! Last Summer, I had a field of Dandelions in my backyard, I had Summit Lawns rid my yard of them! The best part, my neighbor who is retired and takes very good care of her lawn, recently told me that she is jealous of my lawn. She has been attempting to fight a weed in her front lawn and has been unsuccessful! Keeping up with the JONES!!!! Thank you Summit for making a great lawn possible!!!!! Tonia H.

Tonia H.

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