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Pull your lawn out of bed this season

Mar 12, 2021

Well, okay, you guys, our lawns have been through the wringer this winter. In the last five days, this snow has melted like crazy. And so, here’s what’s going on with your lawn right now it’s going to be coming out of dormancy real quick. Like we’re talking fast. Let’s cross our fingers that this winter is done. So your grass is starting to look like this right now, it’s looking a little rough, it means two things. Number one, we need to wake it up and get it out of spring, pull it out of bed, and they’re special fertilizers that we use for that. And you want to start doing them in the next few weeks to a month or so here, quite frankly, I would say within the next three weeks, if this weather holds up, let’s cross our fingers. You want to start getting your spring fertilizers down, particularly your pre emergence. We’re going to talk about that in another video shortly here. But I’m planting the seed now. If you want your lawn to recover from the winter that we just had, which was gnarly. You need to be thinking about what are the proper fertilizers to use in order to get a good, awesome lawn coming out of the spring here after this winter. So click the the button below if you have any questions on that.


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