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Lincoln Leaf Pick Up Tip

Nov 6, 2020

Trivia time. What is the number one most useful tool to pick up your leaves? It’s not a rake. It’s not a leaf blower. It’s actually your lawn mower. When you have a lawn like this where your leaves are starting to come down, they’re not all down yet. your lawn mower is the perfect tool to start getting your leaves cleaned up. Now if you don’t mow you don’t want to mow. Let us know. Leaf cleanup is probably one of the most popular services that we’re doing this time of year. However, you want to take care of your leaves yourself, the best thing you can do is just use your mower, set it to about three inches. So you’re keeping the grass healthy, but it’s low enough that it will start sucking up those leaves. You can merge those leaves up you might have to mow the whole lawn two or three times or you can back him up if you have the trash service to take it. But your lawn mower is the best tool to start chipping away at your leaves especially if you don’t let them get out of control. If you wait and let the leaves build up, it’s gonna be a lot harder to deal with them but if you start chipping away at them now that is the best way to keep your lawn looking good. Not Have your leaves be a nuisance to the neighborhood and your neighbors and to keep your lawn yard looking great. Using that lawn mower right there have that helps.


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