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Dec 1, 2020

Why spend hours shoveling snow when our tractors can do it in minutes, the future of residential snow removal is here and in three minutes, I’m going to tell you how you can take advantage of it. I believe we’ve created the most valuable offering specifically for homeowners. There are better ways for you to spend your time this winter than shoveling snow.

Hi, my name is Ted and I’m the owner of summit lawns. before saying much more about our service. I’ll give you a brief backstory on summit and about the troublesome scenario homeowners are in right now. I started out doing snow removal in high school running around with a shovel and a snowblower in the back of a little Ford Ranger took care of my neighbors and my friend’s parents’ driveways before and after school. As the lawn service grew in the summer, I started to grow the snow side too. And what I found was this, none of our competitors actually want to serve as residential homes and driveways. They only care about commercial parking lots or large homeowners associations, plow trucks just aren’t designed to take care of homes. And if a company is willing to take care of your home, they charge a ton to make it worth their time and they bill you on a per-visit basis. This makes it hard to provide a consistent service and balance expectations when only a little bit of snowfalls as the contractor you never really know if you’re expected to show up, or if someone is going to be upset if you come around for just a little bit of snow. And on top of that, you never know when they’re even going to get to your house and when they’re going to get your driveway taken care of. And we were one of these businesses. We knew there had to be a solution for homeowners. And we found it all the way and Montreal Quebec.

As it turns out, there are companies out there serving thousands of homeowners in a very short time, these businesses focus on clearing driveways, not commercial parking lots. By using specialized snowblind machines, they’re able to service a large number of properties in a super short amount of time, the industry standard is four hours per route from start to finish. Thanks to the efficiency, they’re able to offer one affordable price for the entire winter. So when it snows one inch or more, they’re there no matter what time of day or night, even on Christmas Day, if the city snowplow comes around and leaves the ridge at the end of your driveway, no problem. Return trips are all inclusive Montrealers quickly caught on to the numerous benefits that this type of service offers. And you’d be hard-pressed to find a driveway in Montreal that isn’t serviced by a company using this model. In fact, cities all over the United States now have started adopting this same model. And now we want to bring this opportunity to you. The reality is this. There is no one out there offering sharen we will for homeowners with a valuable offering. If you find someone willing to take care of your home. They’re likely extremely expensive, or they’re unreliable and inconsistent.

At summit lawns. We specialize in taking care of residential homeowners in the summertime. And in the wintertime. It’s what we do all day, every day. We take care of thousands of homes in Lincoln and we would love to help you with your snow removal this winter. For one low price will come an unlimited number of times anytime it snows at least one inch. Our goal is to take the stress and worry out of your winter. Our team checks the forecast so you don’t have to. When you invest in our offering. You’re not signing up for any old snow removal service. You’re getting the promise of a stress-free and worry-free winter.


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