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Creeping Charlie Weed

Sep 21, 2020

What’s up guys, Ted here and we are going to talk about this stuff right here behind me. This is one of the most common weeds that we get phone calls and questions about. This is called Ground Ivy, or more commonly known as creeping Charlie. Now, here’s the deal, creeping Charlie is a pain in the butt. It’s not an easy way to kill, it takes specific products, and it takes consistency and persistence. But here’s the good news. If there’s one time of year that it’s going to be most effective that we’re really going to kill it off. It’s right now, this application that we do right now here in there in the early fall, we are currently revitalizing the sun or the lawn from this summer, we’re rejuvenating it from the harsh weather that we had, your lawn is making a comeback right now you need to feed it the right food.

Also, the weeds know that winter is coming. So they’re going to absorb anything you throw at them. Anything that that touches your leaves. The leaves are the weeds that are going to absorb readily and quickly. So when you use the right weed control products right now, this is the time of year to really get great control of weeds like this creeping Charlie right here behind me. So if you’ve ever been thinking about getting a stranglehold of your lawn, getting things back in order, or just really making improvements, call us now. This is the time to do it. Thanks.


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