At Summit, we look to hire people who think, act, and behave like us. People who fit our tribe. What’s that look like? Well, it’s people who value the same things we do. In any situation you face, you naturally believe and behave in line with these values:

No Crew Left Behind: We are helpful to each other, even if it’s not our job. Someone else is having a hard time and needs an extra hand to finish out the day? No problem, we got you homie. We’re open to take on new tasks and work together as a team to knock out anything, even if it’s not part of your “regular” job.

Own it: Mess up on the job? That’s ok, we all make mistakes! Take ownership in the mistake, acknowledge it happened, and participate in fixing the problem. Take ownership in our equipment by respecting it and taking care of it. 

Embrace the Suck: Let’s face it, we’re not always working in an air conditioned office. The fact is, we work outside in rain, snow, and sunshine. We chose this job, so let’s have some fun with it! Splash in a puddle, throw a snowball, slap a smile on your face and let’s finish the job together with a positive attitude (even when equipment breaks). Enjoy the ride. 

Don’t Be a D**k: This pretty much means what it says. We’re all about treating each other and our customers with respect, being responsible, and having a sense of humor. 

No Lawn is as Good as a Summit Lawn: In everything you do, do it to the best of your ability. Work with excellence and pride and show the world that no one else does it as good as we do.


Here are the qualities we look for and expect from our team:

  • Experience is great, but not required – It’s cool, we’ll teach you what you need to know.
  • Great Attitude – Don’t be a jerk, dude.
  • Reliable, always on time – Come on, is this one even necessary to list?
  • Willing to learn new tasks – Who doesn’t like to know how to do more things?
  • Long term commitment – If you only want to hang out with us for a few months, that just hurts our feelings.
  • Concerned with your appearance – we’re not slobs over here. Have some pride in how you look!
  • Ability to work outside, sometimes in the extreme heat for long hours – Let’s face it, we’re not sitting in an air-conditioned office.
  • Opinions welcome – If you have good ideas, let’s hear them! Maybe your idea will make a major change around here.
  • Polite, respectful, honest – Who likes hanging out with liars and people who are disrespectful?
  • Can handle criticism and direction – We’ll never be disrespectful either, but if there are ways to do your job better wouldn’t you want to know??

Do we sound like your kind of people? What are you waiting for? Click this link to apply at Summit!

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