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a secret about snow removal

Dec 7, 2020

Hey, listen up, I’m gonna let you in on a little secret. Nobody in our industry likes to install removal for residential houses just like yours, they hate it. And if you do find someone willing to take care of your home, they’re either going to be really expensive to make it worth their time, or the time is going to be terrible. They’re going to go do all the commercial properties first, to get them opened up and then just deal with your house later. Or they might not even show up if it doesn’t snow enough, which leaves you with a little bit of snow in your driveway that packs down turns into ice later. It’s a big problem. It’s not a good deal. It’s not a good experience. Well, we have the solution to this problem. It’s this machine right here. This machine lets us be so insanely efficient that we can offer one low seasonal price for the entire year and give you unlimited snow removal. It’s unlimited starting we will for just one low price for the whole season. It’s a really awesome deal. We are summit lawns. We love doing cell removal for houses just like yours. So if this is interesting to you, click on the link


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