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A Better Lawn Next Year Starts Now

Sep 28, 2020

Hey, what’s up guys, today we are talking about how to have the best long you can have for next year. And to have an awesome lawn next year it starts now, the most important, the two most important fertilizer applications that you can do are actually the follow ones. So right now we’re out here and we’re spraying weeds. This is the best time of year to get rid of weeds in your lawn coming up into next season. A lot of weeds that we have in the spring, germinate in the fall.

So by spraying them now we’re not even gonna see them next year. The other big part of that is your lawn is in recuperation. And it’s rejuvenating and refreshing itself from this past summer. So the fertilizers that we’re putting out right now, put your lawn on a growth campaign to get ready for the winter so that it really springs back to action next spring. So if you’ve ever thought like, Hey, I really want to have an awesome lawn I’m not really happy with the way my lawn is now is one of the best times to start that. So if you have any questions on that, let us know. We’re here to help you out.


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